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Commercial Printers Adding Packaging

pp0813_Package3 August 2013

Migrating from the commercial world to packaging is hardly a laughing matter; the investment in equipment, education, and training required to make the leap ain't...

A Case for G7 Printing in Packaging

Chart1g7 June 2013

Gray Balance and G7® are two terms that are hardly new to the printing industry. Gray balancing your process is a concept we have accepted...

Trends in Packaging M&A

Chart1M&A April 2013

There are several themes that are dominating today's mergers and acquisition (M&A) marketplace. The most prevalent theme is the use of M&A to expand the...

Packaging Design Ideas to Bolster Your Brand

pp0113_Landor-iD_Packs-SILO January 2013

Making the decision to either slightly refresh your package or do a major overhaul depends on the health of your brand. We often see brands...

How Printers Can Fight Brand Thievery

pp1112_Prot Brand2000 November 2012

Companies increasingly find themselves locked in a continuous battle to protect their brands from attackers trying to steal the monetary value inherent in successful brands....

Flextec Escapes Fire's Wrath

1-pp1112_Fire-6-23_Noon November 2012

Rocky Rahija, owner, president, and CEO of Flextec Corp., counts his lucky blessings that his home and his printing business were spared from the Waldo...

Labels: The State of the Industry

CHART1 July 2012

The need for a label of some kind, intrinsic to the product packaging or applied to it, will not go away. However, there are certainly...

Digital drupa II (or too) —Polischuk

April 2012

drupa 2012 promises even more digital technology developments than "digital drupa." Both toner-based and inkjet technologies are relative newcomers in package printing, so the upside...

Food Safety Standards

Robert Prevendar April 2012

At the annual Global Food Safety Conference last February, packagePRINTING caught up with Robert Prevendar, director of supply chain food safety for NSF International's Global...

Novel Products, Steady Growth

Blue April 2012

Flexible packaging will remain a dynamic segment in the package-printing arena for some time to come. Materials developments and innovative product developments by consumer products...