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Labels: The State of the Industry

CHART1 July 2012

The need for a label of some kind, intrinsic to the product packaging or applied to it, will not go away. However, there are certainly...

Digital drupa II (or too) —Polischuk

April 2012

drupa 2012 promises even more digital technology developments than "digital drupa." Both toner-based and inkjet technologies are relative newcomers in package printing, so the upside...

Food Safety Standards

Robert Prevendar April 2012

At the annual Global Food Safety Conference last February, packagePRINTING caught up with Robert Prevendar, director of supply chain food safety for NSF International's Global...

Novel Products, Steady Growth

Blue April 2012

Flexible packaging will remain a dynamic segment in the package-printing arena for some time to come. Materials developments and innovative product developments by consumer products...

M&A Environment in 2012

321 Capital Partners March 2012

321 Capital Partners' Erv Terwilliger provides a wide-ranging outlook for mergers and acquisitions in packaging and package printing, and reveals some of the most common...

Leadership Execution —Polischuk

March 2012

TLMI members who attended the 2012 Converter Meeting in Phoenix were rewarded with a long list of items they could implement to improve their businesses....

2012 Critical Year for Tax Policy

February 20, 2012

The 50 percent bonus depreciation is still available for qualifying plant and equipment, but will expire on Jan. 1, 2013. However, the bonus depreciation rate...

Packaging Powered Through Information

Deluxe Packages February 2012

With its enhanced information management system, extensive equipment list, experienced staff, and forward-thinking attitude, Deluxe Packages in Yuba City, Calif., now has the information, knowledge,...

Improve the Bottom Line

January 2012

Joining a trade exchange offers printers the ability to subsidize both fixed and variable operational costs, attract and maintain cash business, and raise capital. Exchanges...

Tempus Fugit —Polischuk

January 2012

So, what will 2012 bring? I'm expecting American businesses to continue improving productivity so they can compete favorably on the world stage. At the same...