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The Power of Proliferation

April 2011

Flexible packaging provider Exopack Holding Corp., the latest news is in the SKUs. This paper and plastic packaging converter, headquartered in Spartanburg, S.C., boasts 19...

Novel Printing Concept for Sustainable Packaging

pp_0810_Gravure800 August 2010

With recent advances in waterborne energy curing resin technology, an elec tron beam (EB) curing gravure printing process has been developed which allows elimination of VOC...

Coast to Coast

Dion Label HP Indigo June 2010

Equipment, software and service purchases by U.S. packaging printers, including Dion Label....

Flexible Focus

April 2009

Surviving and growing in a tough competitive environment requires the capability to focus on a core business mission, while having the flexibility to respond to...

Still Going Strong

June 2008

This year has made for an interesting economic ride. Few want to say the United States is in the throes of a recession, but even...

It's the Little Things That Count

March 2008

Many of us have relayed the line, “it’s the little things,” in response to something we find funny or which made us feel good. It’s...

Service Up Front

November 2007

One thing is for sure about gravure—the basic technology remains the same, and the quality has also been second to none. What has been different...

What’s the Combination

pp_0907_Combination September 2007

The use of combination printing/processing is not a rarity in package printing—not by a long shot. A printer that has the need could combine any...