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AGI-Shorewood Invests in Technologies for Growth

pp1113_1-fragrance November 2013

Excess capacity in the packaging market is driving margin compression, but the flip side of any challenge is opportunity. And ASG (AGI-Shorewood Group) is quietly...

Choosing the Right Label Adhesive

pp0113_Adhes-WaterBot January 2013

Because of the diverse nature of packaging applications in various markets, from food and beverage packaging to health and beauty packaging, no one set of...

Reducing Ink Costs

pp0113_Ink costs-Thoro January 2013

Two converters, Albéa and Thoro Packaging, have saved a significant amount of money through the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program, a system that provides in-house ink...

"Ready to Print" SBS Heavyweight Stock

June 11, 2012

Printing or foil stamping directly on thick SBS board can eliminate the extra mounting step, saving time and money....

Make Your Package Pop!

February 2012

Kevin Cullen, president of Apex Die, offers tips on how to create visually captivating packages using UV (ultraviolet) coating, that are more likely to get...

Hot Melts Hold Fast

Typical press January 2012

Some UV units are designed to cure UV varnishes or inks under partially inerted conditions. These units may not be sufficient to properly run these...

Dress-Up Directives

Motivating Graphics Products Photo November 2011

In their 10-year partnership, Fort Worth, TX-based Motivating Graphics and ACTEGA Kelstar, have developed unique customer solutions, such as Starkote® ultra-high-rub aqueous coating and Ultrasheen®...

Toner vs. Ink(jet)

March 17, 2011

Controlling and cutting costs is a major key to survival in our continually challenged economy, as every print firm manager knows. Printing processes put ink...

ICE USA Products

MTorres zero splice unwinding system March 2011

Products that will be on display at ICE USA include the Picometrix T-Ray 4000, 904CM monitoring unit for its AC ionizing systems, DPS-1 Dancer Position...

Digital Printing Options

pp_1110_DigitalMUST2K November 2010

There is a digital option for almost any criteria package printers have. packagePRINTING asks leading suppliers about what is available today....