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Apr 18, 2014
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We've all heard that seat belts save lives, but did you know packaging saves lives, too? One company uses its flexible packaging product to help feed malnourished children in Haiti. Below, we also share inspiring stories of environmentally friendly innovations—and news that Vermont is considering recycling fees for plastic makers. Stick with us to stay on top!

Flexible Packaging to the Rescue!
HopeGel   The HopeGel Project provides a calorie- and nutrient-dense protein gel for malnourished children, and Glenroy Inc. is a proud manufacturer of the flexible package it comes in. more »
Marijuana Packaging: Beyond the Baggie
From Packaging Digest
Americans hold various opinions about marijuana, with plenty of rhetoric supporting those in favor of legalization as well as those opposed. That said, one aspect of the issue can’t be spun: Legal cannabis, particularly for recreational consumption, presents a sizable economic opportunity for the packaging industry.

Purveyors of not only smokable cannabis but also infused edibles, beverages and topical products use many kinds of packaging products and services. They are buying pouches, jars, bottles, cartons, labels, shippers and even radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for inventory control—plus services like graphic design. more »
Thin is in: The Next Revolution in Packaging
From Gigaom
As our computing requirements change, the nature of the underlying electronics needs to change too. We’re moving into an era of wearable gadgets that require flexibility and new user interfaces—and there are many advances required to make that happen.

In short, thin has always been in, but the technology is now getting so thin and flexible that the future looks bright for new form factors, user interfaces and applications. You can see tangible progress from year to year, and it’s all rather exciting. more »
Have a Little Less Glass with Your Wine
Snoqualmie Wine Bottle   Snoqualmie Winery's new ECO glass bottles are among the lightest in the industry and help reduce its carbon footprint. The bottles are made with 25 percent less glass than an average wine bottle and require much less fuel to transport. more »
Are You Ready to Be Disruptive?
The 'Ten-Year Forecast of Disruptive Technologies in Flexible Packaging to 2023' looks at technological, economic, consumer, sociological, environmental and regulatory changes and talks about the 25 highest ranking developments…

The study claims flexible packaging products will be developed for new markets in Europe and North America, as well as Asia and Central and South America.

Drivers include savings in materials, manufacturing and transportation costs and increased line filling speeds for pouches to match those for rigid bottles. more »
Vermont Considers Recycling Fee for Plastic Makers
From Brattleboro Reformer
An environmental consultant previously hired by the state has suggested placing a "broad-based fee" on plastic packaging materials sold in Vermont to support the state's transition to new recycling program.

"Without some type of a broad based fee on packaging in general we are missing a real opportunity," Ted Siegler, the principal for the consulting group, told lawmakers on Friday. "And I think that's an area where Vermont really could take the next step. Which is to say relatively small fees, I'm talking less than a penny per package." more »
Packager Reduces Energy Use by 80%
California Natural Products (CNP)—a producer specializing in private-label soups, wines and nutritional non-dairy beverages—has opened the doors on an 18,000-square-foot automated facility.

The PowerStor warehouse automation system, designed by Power Automation Systems (PAS), reportedly has helped the manufacturer increase overall efficiency, reduce energy use by 80% and improve its spatial footprint by 90%. more »
EnviroPAK Expands with Water and Paper
From St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The improving economy is spurring a customized molded-pulp packaging business in the Earth City (MO) area to plan an expansion within the next year.

While declining to give financial figures, William Kay, a spokesman for EnviroPAK, said the company had experienced 102 percent growth in the last two years. It manufactures more than 35 million packaging pieces annually, Kay said.

EnviroPAK has 52 employees and probably will hire several more after an expansion, Crump said. more »
K-1 Packaging Group Ups Capacity with New Press
K1 Packaging Group   To keep up with its dramatic sales growth, increase in capacity and have the latest in offset printing technology, K-1 Packaging Group has purchased a new eight-color, 41" KBA Rapida 105 press with coater and UV capabilities. more »
Shorr Packaging Expands Distribution
Further developing its presence in the southeast United States, Shorr Packaging is opening a sales and distribution center in the greater Atlanta area. more »
Frontline Supervision Primer
Frontline Supervision Primer   Graphic arts supervisors face a vast array of managerial issues every day. Beyond its look at the traits, roles, and dilemmas faced by supervisors, this primer offers ways for production supervisors to become better at their jobs and help upper... more »
Incentive, Bonus, and Recognition Programs in the Printing Industry
Incentive, Bonus, and Recognition Programs in the Printing Industry   To gather this valuable information, graphic arts firms of various types and sizes across the United States and Canada were invited to share the actual plans that are in place for their employees. Sample plans in this report include those... more »

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Luminer is not your ordinary label converter. The company specializes in prime and secondary labels, on-pack/in-pack promotional products, multi-web advanced label constructions and a host of specialty converted products. And it doesn't hesitate to take on new challenges.... more »
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