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Jul 22, 2014
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Technology and innovation continue to push the packaging industry forward with changes that bring new capabilities. This week, take a look at how new developments in 3D printing have direct applications for package production. Check out Flint Group's new EkoCure UV LED Whites. Then see see what BDT, Fuji Dimatix, and Phoseon will be bringing to the table at Pack Expo in Chicago. Then there are questions: Will we see a ban on BPA? What is happening when food tastes like its packaging? And, what is your business worth? Finally, be on the lookout for August’s packagePRINTING print edition and keep an eye on for a full recap of the 2014 Excellence Awards. The winners of this year’s competition showed just how high the bar is being set for packaging excellence.

BDT Media Automation, Fuji Dimatix and Phoseon to Develop Complete Printing Solution for Packaging Market
BDT Media Automation, a market leader for B2 format feeders in digital printing, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., one of world's leading providers of inkjet printheads for commercial and industrial printing, and Phoseon Technology, a leader in UV LED curing solutions for commercial and industrial applications have agreed to work together to develop a complete digital printing solution for packaging applications. The system will take advantage of the flexibility of the BDT Tornado media handling technology and the versatility of UV printing provided by Fuji-Dimatix and Phoseon. The first demonstration of the solution will be at the Pack Expo International in Chicago, Nov. 2-5, 2014. more » Launched for Thermal Labels Nationwide
COLD SPRING, NY—July 15, 2014—Labels Ontime, a newly launched thermal barcode label division of WorldLabel Holdings based in New York, will manufacture and offer end-users thermal transfer and direct thermal labels on rolls and fan-folded factory direct. more »
EFI Acquires DirectSmile
Broadening its VDP and cross media capabilities, EFI has acquired DirectSmile, a Berlin-based provider of software solutions for cross media marketing automation. DirectSmile employees, including co-founders and former principals Christoph Schacht and Christoph Clermont, have joined EFI’s Productivity Software Web2Print Solutions Group. more »
What Does Your Packaging Taste Like?
From The Guardian
jam jars   You're in a hot car. You're thirsty as hell and risk a swig from an ancient half-drunk bottle of mineral water. Ugh, it tastes how you would imagine a plastics factory to taste. Dieter Schrenk, professor of toxicology and food technology at the University of Kaiserslautern, says that this assault on the senses is due to: "the four enemies of food packaging: light, oxygen, time and heat". These are the "bad guys", he says, that cause volatile compounds (the quick-to-evaporate chemicals from which we determine smells and flavours) to be released. They can also cause plastics to degrade. more »
Flint Group Adds EkoCure UV LED Whites
PLYMOUTH, MN—July 17, 2014—Flint Group Narrow Web North America has commercialized two new UV LED Rotary Screen Whites to compliment the products included in the EkoCure brand. This product is best known for its exceptional ability to be used in combination with multiple ink technologies. more »
3D Printed Blow Molds for Short Run Production
3D Blow Mold  

Stratasys 3D printed mold was used to produce 100 blow molded package prototypes.

Plasel Precision Plastics, a worldwide provider of these types of packages, designs and engineers each type for a variety of industries and customer applications. Recently, a Plasel customer needed to prototype a new package design to make sure it would fit with an automated conveying system. Plasel used Stratasys 3D printing technology to create a blow mold for a run of 100 package prototypes.

more »
Going to the Dogs: Pet Food Packaging Demand Set to Rise
From RnR Market Research
Dog Food Bags   US demand for pet food packaging will rise close to four percent yearly through 2018. Pet food represents one of the most dynamic segments for packaging due to promising growth potential and the emergence of high value packaging materials and more complex constructions.

The emergence of natural and organic pet food has led to gains in paper-based packaging with a natural finish, and healthier, special-formulation pet food is frequently sold in smaller-size, resealable pouches with greater display capabilities. Chilled and frozen products currently represent a small, niche market for pet food packaging but are growing rapidly due to increased consumer demand. more »
Esko to Receive Two PIA InterTech Technology Awards
2014 Intertech Technology Awards   Over the past ten years, Esko solutions have garnered five InterTech Technology awards. This year, the company adds two more for its Full HD Flexo platemaking system and Esko Equinox, a solution for the implementation of extended gamut, or fixed inkset, printing. more »
Your Business: What’s It Worth to You?
Frank Steenburgh   You shouldn’t think about “campaigning” in the M&A marketplace unless, and until, you have a firm handle on your company’s valuation. New Direction Partners has performed more valuations in the printing industry than any other consultancy, and that experience has taught us to identify a number of factors that enhance a company’s value. more »
Seeking a Ban on BPA
From Food Safety News
BPA Free Logo   Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-MA) and Reps. Lois Capps (D-CA) and Grace Meng (D-NY) are calling for a ban on Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to harden plastics and commonly found in food packaging.

The BPA Act currently has 21 cosponsors and is supported by numerous public health and cancer advocacy organizations, along with organizations representing workers who handle BPA on a daily basis such as the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, the United Steelworkers and the United Automobile Workers. more »
GRAPH EXPO 14/CPP EXPO Countdown to the Show e-Newsletter
GRAPH EXPO 14/CPP EXPO Countdown to the Show e-Newsletter   Be featured in seven editions of the "Countdown to the Show" e-Newsletter sent directly to pre-registered and prospective attendees - plus the full opt-in list from the Printing Impressions Group (approximately 90,000 recipients). It's the optimal way to reach buyers and drive traffic to your booth. More information can be found here! more »
GRAPH EXPO 14/CPP EXPO Build the Buzz Video Program
GRAPH EXPO 14/CPP EXPO Build the Buzz Video Program   We're going to help you build the buzz surrounding your hottest "must see" products showcased during the year's GRAPH EXPO/CPP EXPO event. Videos will receive a tremendous amount of promotion before and during the show. Product position will be based on submission date, so click here today to learn more about this exciting opportunity! more »

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Frankston Packaging in Frankston, Texas, has more than proven its mettle in a market beset by price competition, shortened product lifecycles, and pressure to streamline operations and reduce costs. Melding the benefits of manufacturing with a culture of continuous improvement,... more »
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