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For those of us who grew up playing with Transformers, we understand how cool it can be for a robot morph into a truck or a jet. So, when it comes to packaging, it’s really fun to see how Ecovention has developed and launched a pizza box that can quickly transform into four plates and a storage solution for leftovers. In addition to this innovative container, this week’s inBOX includes information on how reducing packaging can be beneficial and the pros and cons of high-barrier packaging. There are also changes at the helm of Mark Andy and a group of students using corrugated material as a marketing initiative. Open up this inBOX and dig in to the latest industry news below.

High-Barrier Packaging Challenges
From ThomasNet News
Barrier package   As plastics continue to grow in packaging, concerns have arisen about their ability to protect the quality and safety of products from degradative effects. Therefore, the need for packaging materials that give even greater protection to packaged contents, particularly in the food and beverage sector, has seen a marked increase.

As a result, numerous barrier packaging technologies have been commercialized, preserving, protecting, and optimizing product shelf life. Many also have reduced the need for preservatives, provided packaging transparency and gloss, and served as printing substrates. more »
Graphic Packaging Receives $41.5 Million Investment
From My ArkLaMiss
Graphic Packaging   Governor Bobby Jindal and Graphic Packaging International Inc. announced a $41.5 million investment in the company’s paper mill in West Monroe to upgrade production machinery. Graphic Packaging International’s West Monroe paper mill produces paperboard for use in beverage and other consumer-based packaging at two other company sites in West Monroe. Graphic Packaging will retain 1,340 employees at the three Louisiana sites with the modernization project. more »
The Swiss-Army Knife of Pizza Boxes
From Justmeans
Pizza Box   GreenBox, the multi-functional, environment-friendly pizza box by Ecovention, LLC, offers a revolutionary eco-conscious pizza packaging solution. GreenBoxbreaks into plates and a storage unit for leftovers, and is made of 100 percent recyclable material. It has been dubbed “the pizza box of the 21st century” by Fox News.

Ecovention has announced that Upper Crust Pizzeria, an award-winning pizza restaurant chain in Boston, MA, will be carrying GreenBox pizza boxes. As of July 1, 2014, Upper Crust is already using the GreenBox in all of their greater Boston area locations. more »
Beating the 'Boring' in Supplement Packaging
From Nutra Ingredients USA
Supplement packaging  

In its simplest form, dietary supplement packaging serves two basic functions: protecting and selling the product inside.

But well designed and functional packaging does much more—from communicating the product’s benefits and reinforcing brand identity, to giving a sense of personality, and encouraging customer loyalty and repeat orders, according to Illinois-based printed packaging firm Nosco Inc.

more »
Less Can Be More to Move Products Off Shelves
From The Packer
Less is more  

Reliable packaging is versatile, said Louis Hymel III, purchasing and marketing director with Orlando, Fla.-based Spice World Inc.

“Good packaging stands out on the shelf, protects the product, is informative and consumer-friendly,” Hymel said.

All that requires considerable planning, Hymel said.

“We spend a lot of time along with added cost to create the most attractive and appealing packaging possible,” he said.

more »
Esko and Highcon Join Forces
Esko Highkon1   Esko, a packaging design and workflow solutions compan, and Highcon, developer of the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing machine, have expanded their cooperation with an OEM agreement. Highcon will distribute, install and support the Esko CAD Digital Front End (DFE) software as complement to the 2014 Must See 'Ems award winning Highcon Euclid. This combined solution is available immediately on a worldwide basis. more »
The Industry’s Own 'Organic Movement'
By Peter J. Schaefer
Peter Schaefer   Never give up hope of organic growth, even if it has been a long time since you last diversified your product and service offerings. To accomplish it, do your homework and find a way to set yourself apart from the competition. more »
The Future of Flexible Packaging
From Packaging Digest
Flexible packaging   There are great initiatives in the works from forward-thinking groups like the Flexible Packaging Association, who has a strong focus on sustainable packaging. The FPA is working with several producers for packaging that is safe for the environment. The Sustainable Plastic Coalition, the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APPR); and The Flexible Film Recycling Group(FFRG), are also promoting and increasing public education and outreach on plastic film recycling. more »
Dunwoody College Students Win National Packaging Competition
By Cory Francer
Dunwoody team   A team of students from Dunwoody College of Technology Design & Graphics Technology earned two first place awards in the Annual Student Packaging Design Competition, hosted by the Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC). more »
Mark Andy Announces Company Sale; Management Team, Former CEO Lead Buyout
Former CEO of Mark Andy, P.J. Desai, and the company's current management team have purchased Mark Andy from American Industrial Partners Capital Fund IV, L.P. (AIP). AIP will continue as a minority investor in Mark Andy along with Graycliff Partners, an independent investment firm focused on middle market investments. Kevin Wilken, CEO at Mark Andy, said, “The management team is very excited to work once again with P.J. Desai and to be part of the ownership of such a great company. We have exceptional customers, market-leading products and services that drive improved profitability for our customers, and we have great people that love the industry and take great pride in their work. The combination of dedicated owner-managers and P.J.'s expertise and strategic thinking will continue driving Mark Andy’s success and long-term growth strategy.” more »
How to Succeed in a Family-Run Printing Business
Authors: Charles and Susan Roxin
How to Succeed in a Family-Run Business   Here are the steps that will help you evaluate, plan, and improve your family business. You'll find invaluable advice on conducting personal, family, and business assessments, and setting attainable goals for you, your family and your company.... more »
Ink & Color: A Practical Guide for Printers
Author: Heidi Tolliver-Nigro
Ink & Color: A Practical Guide for Printers   Understand how the interaction of inks with different substrates, presses, chemistry and environment factors can affect the color that customers are asking for. Whether used as an introduction for new press employees, a refresher for current press operators, or an... more »

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