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Gallus Invests in the Future with a Stronger Digital Team

ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND—December 11, 2014—Gallus has a positive view of the future. The Gallus DCS 340 digital label printing machine introduced at the Gallus Innovation Days is set to become a sales hit. Company management has decided to reinforce the team responsible for this digital converting system, recruiting specialist and management staff with expertise in digital printing.

The management team at Gallus is aware that there is much more to market success than an outstanding printing press system. The Swiss company is showing how seriously it is taking its entry into digital printing technology by recruiting new marketing, sales and service staff. What started with a truly amazing achievement in the Gallus and Heidelberg development departments—developing a fully functional digital printing system in the space of just twelve months—is now to be continued with the same intensity. “The digital world moves much faster than the conventional one. To ensure that we live up to our goal of ‘success and security for the label printer’ in digital label printing, too, we are going to boost both our staff and our expertise in this area,” explains Stefan Heiniger, COO of the Labels Division at Gallus. “We will ensure that our customers can operate the Gallus DCS 340 profitably and can open up new business potential using this press."

Gallus already maintains a virtually global service network for conventional label printing. A joint service network for digital printing is also being built up with Heidelberger Druckmachinen AG. “Thanks to our outstanding link-up with Heidelberg, the comprehensive, high-performance service our customers expect from us will already be in place in time for the market launch at Labelexpo in September 2015,” says Christof Naier, head of sales and marketing at Gallus.

Source: Gallus.

Digital Packaging Summit: Advancing the Market through Sponsor-Attendee Collaboration

PHILADELPHIA—December 16, 2014—The Digital Packaging Summit 2015 will take place November 9-11, 2015 at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The Digital Packaging Summit is an invitation-only, hosted summit designed for senior managers and business executives who want to understand how current and future digital production printing technology, software and solutions will impact their business and investment decisions. This summit offers strategic level insights into what printing industry leaders should do to improve and optimize their business.

The Digital Packaging Summit provides a unique and valuable experience for attendees to acquire this knowledge. Pre-qualified attendees will meet and learn from the "who's who" in the label and package space as well as users who have or plan to install digital solutions. They will discuss the successes and challenges encountered when implementing this new technology. This unique format provides sponsors with 1:1 meetings with executives intimately involved with strategy and purchasing across the Labels & Folding Carton industry segments.

The Digital Packaging Summit focuses on how widespread changes taking place today are redefining the future of label and package printing. Attendees will meet and learn from some of the leading experts in the production inkjet space through a conference program led by Kevin Karstedt, CEO, Karstedt Partners, LLC, and a team of key advisory board members and speakers. Advisory Board members include:

  • Kevin Karstedt, CEO, Karstedt Partners, LLC  (Conference Chair)
  • Marco Boer, Vice President, IT Strategies
  • Jeff Wettersten, President, Karstedt Partners, LLC
  • Noel Ward, Editor, packagePRINTING

“The Inkjet Summit set the standard for high-level information exchange in the digital printing industry. Now that world-class event format is being made available to those in the packaging supply chain. The Digital Packaging Summit will be known as the ‘go to’ event for understanding where and how digital printing technologies will impact package printing for the next decade. I am pleased and honored to be involved in this premier event. Having been involved with digital printing for packaging since its inception more than two decades ago I am seeing clear momentum building in all areas of packaging in regards to digital technologies. The summit is perfectly timed as needs and capabilities begin to converge. I look forward to being part of this landmark event,” said Conference Chair, Kevin Karstedt, CEO Karstedt Partners.

While users are looking for information and guidance, suppliers are looking for ways to identify and develop relationships with these potential buyers specifically interested in production digital printing solutions. The Digital Packaging Summit is designed to meet both of these needs for attendees and sponsors.

Printing and converting executives who attend learn from top industry experts and their peers through keynote sessions, workshops, real-life end user panels, and segment-focused breakout sessions. They also have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with, and listen to focused case studies from, leading solution providers. And they build long-lasting relationships through numerous networking receptions and meals, optional golf and other fun activities.

“The goal of NAPCO and nGage Events is to bring together leading suppliers and qualified attendees who are investigating and/or expanding their digital solutions into an intimate learning and educational environment facilitated by experts. Attendees will learn from experts, leading suppliers and, most importantly, their peers, on how to adopt new solutions and be successful,” said Noel Ward, Editor-in-Chief, packagePRINTING magazine. “The Inkjet Summit accomplished this for commercial printers and our Digital Packaging Summit 2015 will also be a win-win for both sponsors and attendees.”

Digital Packaging Summit 2015 is scheduled to take place at the November 9-11, 2015 at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. For information on sponsoring and/or attending, please visit or contact David Pesko at

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Display-Worthy Packaging Doubles Sales

NEW YORK—December 10, 2014—Seventh Generation, the eco-friendly brand known for its commitment to a toxin-free environment, recently introduced new packaging for its line of hand wash products and has seen its sales double.

“We always knew package design was important to consumers when it comes to hand wash because it’s on display and part of their home decor,” said Joey Bergstein, CMO at Seventh Generation, “But we were still blown away to see how much they loved these new bottles. We’re actually having trouble keeping them in stock.”

The new packaging was designed by New York-based Beardwood&Co., a branding firm that has extensive experience with beauty and personal care brands.

“Seventh Generation asked us to design packaging that is true to their brand mission and beautiful enough to earn a place on the kitchen counter or bathroom vanity,” said Julia Beardwood, partner at Beardwood&Co. “Clear recyclable bottles allow people to see the natural tint of the product inside and the imagery around the outside reinforce the simple goodness of the formulas. It’s an irresistible combination of product and design working together to win people over.”

The Seventh Generation hand wash line consists of four products: Free & Clean, Mandarin & Grapefruit, Lavender Flower and Purely Clean.

Pick What You Want—and Go for It

By Thomas J. Williams

"Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?"

That's the challenge that Steve Jobs laid down before John Sculley when he offered the PepsiCo executive the CEO spot at Apple in 1983. Jobs was urging Sculley to get specific about the vision of the future he wanted for himself, and motivating him in that way turned out to be a huge win for everyone. In his 10 years in the role, Sculley took Apple's sales from $800 million to $8 billion.

There's a lesson here for owners who have decided to grow their printing or packaging companies through strategic acquisitions. Knowing from the get-go exactly what you want to accomplish by purchasing another firm puts you in a winning frame of mind and increases the acquisition's likelihood of success. At New Direction Partners, we know that when a prospective buyer comes to us with a clear picture of the kind of company he or she wants to buy, we can zero in that much more quickly on candidates that will be complementary or accretive to the buyer's present business.

As a buyer, you may see an acquisition as a shortcut to gaining a production capability you don't have or to creating a footprint in a territory where you don't currently operate. Your decision may be driven by a wish to better support certain key customers. Or, you may simply want to add sales volume that you can't achieve organically. Whatever the motivation, the more detail you can give your M&A advisor about how you expect an acquisition to serve your purpose, the straighter the path to the desired outcome will be.

Example: a client of ours in the Southeast had some major accounts in an adjoining state that could be difficult to service because of the distance involved. The buyer's idea was to acquire a satellite plant in that area with exactly the type of equipment that would be needed to run the customers' jobs locally. He gave us a complete set of machinery specs—make, model, format size, number of colors, coater type, and so on—to use as a search criterion. We found a company with just such equipment, but the benefits of the acquisition didn't end there. The buyer also picked up an additional $6.5 million worth of business in accounts from the seller that now belonged to him.

Further up the East Coast, we worked with an owner who generated most of his sales through Internet storefronts. Overnight shipping to the West Coast was the issue, and this client had a specific city in mind as the location for the regional plant he wanted to establish through an acquisition. Like our client in the Southeast, he insisted that the candidate have a machine with very specific characteristics—a requirement that, along with the geographic preference, helped us to narrow the search considerably.

It took a bit longer than anticipated to close a deal with the candidate we found, mostly because the company's owner hadn't been thinking about selling at the time we first approached him. But, once we were able to show the owner why being exactly what our client wanted made the moment ideal for him to sell, negotiations proceeded to a profitable conclusion for both parties.

Printing and packaging firms don't operate in the same style or on the same scale as a company like Apple. But, they can act with the same clarity of intention that Jobs inspired in Sculley when it comes to making decisions about the future direction of their businesses. It's fundamental to the success of M&A planning. And, it beats selling sugar water.

About New Direction Partners
New Direction Partners (NDP) is the print and graphic communications industry’s leading provider of advisory services for firms seeking growth and opportunity through mergers and acquisitions. NDP assists its clients by giving them expert guidance and peace of mind at every stage of the process of buying or selling a printing company. Services include representing selling shareholders; acquisition searches; valuation; capital formation and financing; and strategic planning. NDP’s partners have participated in more than 300 mergers and acquisitions since 1979. Collectively they possess over 200 years of industry experience with transactions in aggregate exceeding $2 billion.

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Bemis Co. Names Michael Clauer as Vice President and CFO

NEENAH, WI—December 4, 2014—Bemis Co. has announced that its board of directors has elected Michael Clauer to the position of vice president and CFO.

“I am pleased that Mike is joining our executive management team at Bemis. He is an accomplished leader who will play a key role in driving improved financial performance throughout our organization,” said William Austen, president and CEO of Bemis Co. “Mike’s industry expertise, along with his broad functional and business background, will serve Bemis well as we execute our growth strategy.”

Clauer joins Bemis from BWAY Corporation, a supplier of metal and rigid plastic containers, where he had been executive vice president and CFO since 2009. Before joining BWAY, he held a number of positions with increasing responsibility at Apogee Enterprises, including CFO, executive vice president of operations, and president of several business units. Previously, Clauer served as CFO at Open Port Technology and at Budget Group, and also held various financial positions at PepsiCo.

Clauer has a bachelor of science degree in accounting from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Source: Bemis Co.

Midland Paper Strikes the Right Holiday Chord with Digital Edge Board Offering for HP Indigo Presses

WHEELING, IL—December 3, 2014—Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies, the third largest distributor of media for business communications in the United States, is pleased to announce that the launch of its Digital Edge Coated 1 Side (C1S) and Coated 2 Side (C2S) Board program for HP Indigo Technology has been a resounding success in 2014. 

Digital Edge C1S/C2S Board for HP Indigo provides the market with a much needed solution for digital printers for applications ranging from direct mail and holiday cards to packaging and point of purchase (P-O-P) displays.

Key Factors contributing to the success of the program thus far:

  • Broad Range of Sheet Sizes Available—18x12", 19x13" and 20.8125x29.5" (HP Indigo 10000) sheet sizes
  • Digital Edge C1S Board products are optimized on both the "Front" and "Back" side of the sheet providing sharp imaging for duplex (two-side) applications (e.g., holiday cards)
  • Broad Range of Calipers Available: available in 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18-pt. for C1S; and available in 10, 12, 15 and 18-pt. for C2S
  • Midland’s commitment to stock Digital Edge C1S/C2S on its Floor
  • Solid lamination results (a recurring problem with other board stocks in the market)

"The most satisfying feedback we have received from our customers thus far is the superior ink adhesion of this product," said Mike Ratcliff, Midland’s vice president and general manager, Specialty Paper and Film Division. "The customers that have run this product are enamored with it and rave about its performance on press."

In addition to Digital Edge, Midland’s C1S/C2S offering also includes NewPage’s Productolith Pts. and MeadWestvaco’s Tango, both optimized for HP Indigo Technology and offered in 18x12", 19x13" and 20.8x29.5" sheet sizes. 

With over $900 million in annual sales, Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies’ access to the world’s highest quality paper mills and digital substrate manufacturers, combined with its commitments to provide excellent customer service and industry expertise, positions the company to be the future of specialty and digital media supply.  

Source: Midland Paper.

Harper Corp. of America Introduces Anilox Surface Cleaner

CHARLOTTE, NC—December 8, 2014—Global anilox roll supplier Harper Corp. of America prides itself on providing exceptional products and services to its customers and staying on the cutting-edge of innovation in the flexographic industry. To ensure anilox equipment is producing optimal results, Harper Corp. has introduced Anilox Surface Cleaner, a specially formulated, ready-to-use cleaner designed to remove surface stains and residue blemishes from the surface of ceramic anilox rolls. A proprietary emulsifier helps to break down and loosen surface stains including water and ink marks, surface line blemishes, and coating residue. It is especially effective on coatings containing silicone. In addition to cleaning anilox rolls, this concentrated cleaner can also be used on press components and accessories.

To use in the most effective manner, simply spray a liberal amount of the Anilox Surface Cleaner (ASC) onto a HarperScientific X-Cel Pad. Then, using a circular motion, work the ASC into the stained area keeping it wet for two to three minutes. Wipe the area clean using the combination of a cloth or X-Cel Pad with an alcohol-based solvent. Rinse and dry the surface, and the stain will be gone. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prolong the life of equipment and provide higher quality and consistent results.

Source: Harper Corp. of America.

Monadnock Enters Licensing Agreement with Smart Planet Technologies

BENNINGTON, NH—December 3, 2014—Monadnock Paper Mills has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Smart Planet Technologies for use of its extruded EarthCoating technology for adhesive beverage labels in North America.
“We are pleased to be expanding our Envi Portfolio of products through our partnership with Smart Planet Technologies,” said Richard Verney, chairman and CEO of Monadnock.  “As consumers become more eco-conscious with a continued push to reduce plastic in packaged goods, and while brand owners look for improved performance in labels, the timing is perfect for this new extension to the Envi line.”
EarthCoating, when used as a plastic lamination replacement, provides a unique option for demanding wet label applications. Cost effective EarthCoating minerals enhance fiber bonding strength and surface tack with pressure-sensitive and other adhesives used in beverage labeling.
“Monadnock is a leader providing premium, cost effective, and environmentally advanced products to the label converting industry. Their innovative culture is very exciting and we look forward to a long term technology partnership," says Chris Tilton, chief technology officer of Smart Planet.

Source: Monadnock Paper Mills.