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MWV Finds Strong Link Between Packaging Satisfaction and Consumer Purchasing

RICHMOND, VA—February 24, 2015—Packaging continues to hold significant importance for global consumer satisfaction with a strong link to purchase intent and brand loyalty, according to Packaging Matters, MeadWestvaco’s third annual study of the impact of packaging on product satisfaction and consumer purchasing behavior. The data show a strong correlation between packaging satisfaction and the consumer behaviors that brands want. 

Packaging is still important to global consumer satisfaction

Thirty one percent of global consumers consider packaging very or extremely important to their overall satisfaction with consumer products.

Who: Packaging is most important to key targets of major brands: frequent shoppers, urban shoppers with high spending power and brand loyal shoppers. Thirty seven percent of consumers have tried a product because packaging caught their eye or purchased a product again because of packaging functionality. 

Where: In geographic distribution, packaging is most important to consumers in developing markets such as China and Brazil, where trust in the supply chain is not as strong as in developed markets.

Packaging has the greatest impact on purchase decision for refrigerated/frozen food, beauty/personal care/fragrance, and take-out food/beverage. More than one third of consumers say packaging is very or extremely impactful to their purchase intent in these categories.

Online v. in-store shopping: When it comes to retail channels, packaging is considered more important to in-store purchases (57 percent) than online purchases (43 percent), but that gap is closer than some might think. China was the only country in which a majority of consumers (65 percent) say packaging is more important for online purchases. Those who say packaging is very or extremely important to their satisfaction are also more likely to increase the frequency they shop online in the future.

Consumers optimistic about new packaging innovations

Packaging Matters data show 83 percent of global consumers are at least moderately satisfied with packaging, but just over one in 10 is completely satisfied, leaving an opportunity for brands. 

When it comes to their future outlook for packaging, consumers are optimistic. More than 77 percent believe brands are headed in the right direction when it comes to new trends in packaging.

Source: MeadWestvaco.

Third KBA Rapida 145 Press Installed at Walter G. Anderson Inc.

DALLAS—February 24, 2015—Further investing in its growth and customer satisfaction in the folding carton market, Walter G. Anderson, Inc., will be installing its third seven-color, 57-inch KBA Rapida 145 press with coater at its facility in Newton, Iowa.

The new press will be equipped with features including a fully-automatic plate changer; CleanTronic Synchro, providing simultaneous cleaning of inking rollers, blankets and impression cylinders, and includes a dedicated package for inking unit drives; and ErgoTronic ColorControl.

According to Marc Anderson, president and CEO, technological ingenuity, high run speeds, a redesigned feeder, new delivery extension and delivery, the ability to pre-set different options, and being environmentally-friendly, drew the company to add the third press.

Fujifilm Adds More Insights to its "Inkjet Insights" Website

HANOVER PARK, IL—February 25, 2015—Featuring news, technology and upcoming events, Fujifilm North America Corp., Graphic Systems Division is providing industry relevant information on inkjet printing solutions in its fully-featured website,

Fujifilm created the ‘Inkjet Insights’ website to provide printers the information they need to make informed decisions on how digital inkjet printing can assist them in growing their business. Business executives and senior managers can access technical information, whitepapers, and videos to learn how inkjet innovations can improve their capability to better serve their customers.
From the landing page and beyond, users will notice a sleek, modern look to, which is both intriguing and user-friendly. With five main sections: Solutions by Industry, Explore Inkjet, Inkjet Innovations, Inklings Blog, and News & Events, industry professionals will want to bookmark the site and visit often.
‘Solutions by Industry’ showcases how Fujifilm can assist general commercial, book publishing, label printing, and sign and display graphics print shops. 

‘Explore Inkjet’ is an inside look into Fujifilm’s newly renovated and expanded Chicago Technology Center, in Hanover Park, Illinois, and also features upcoming webinars and the ability to download informative whitepapers.  

The ‘Inkjet 101’ section allows users to gain a better understanding of inkjet printing, and provides an in-depth view of how inkjet inks are developed. 

The ‘Inkjet Innovations’ section features Fujifilm’s latest inkjet printing technologies. There are descriptions, specifications, and highlights for a wide array of inkjet equipment with an option to request print samples or schedule a live demo. 

The ‘Inklings Blog’ provides the ability to learn through current video and blog content, about industry trends, Fujifilm’s inkjet technology, and print applications utilizing inkjet solutions. 

Visitors can also stay up-to-date in the ‘News & Events’ section, which highlights upcoming technology summits, trade shows, introduction of new equipment, and other industry relevant content.


Kodak Launches Portal for Packaging Executives

ROCHESTER, NY—February 18, 2015—Kodak’s new content portal,, seeks to elevate the strategic role of packaging within leading consumer packaged goods, retail and over-the-counter product firms. The site provides wide-ranging packaging news summaries, original blog posts from subject matter experts, white papers, eBooks on industry trends, best practice case studies, and interviews with packaging industry visionaries. is launching with nearly 200 articles, blog posts, eBooks and other resources, including a whitepaper making the case that responsibility for packaging should be elevated to a C-level executive, reporting to a CEO or CMO.

“The package is where innovation and a personal brand connection with the consumer come together to potentially improve a company’s results,” said Joshua Fedeli, publisher of, and director of sales and accounts for the KODAK DESIGN2LAUNCH Product portfolio, which is part of Kodak’s Software and Solutions Division. “By taking a provocative view of the value of packaging and providing useful content and a platform for engagement, provides a new and valuable industry resource. We encourage all packaging professionals to visit the site, send us feedback and ideas, and engage with us on this important topic.”

In addition to accessing on the Web, Twitter users may follow the site’s editorial updates from the handle @chiefpackaging. For more information, readers may email

BlueWave QX4 Spot-Curing System Provides Maximum Flexibility

TORRINGTON, CT—February 24, 2015—The BlueWave QX4 high-intensity spot curing system from Dymax Corp., is claimed to put all the benefits of LED-curing technology in a small and versatile unit. The system is comprised of a controller and up to four LED heads that are available in 365, 385, and 405 nm and can be outfitted with 3-, 5-, or 8-mm diameter focusing lenses. The LED heads and focusing lenses can be used in any combination and can be controlled through the system’s variable mode, a feature that allows each head to be individually programmed for intensity and cycle times. Individual exposure times and intensity settings can be set in 1 percent increments for each LED head, giving users maximum curing flexibility. 

Source: Dymax Corp.

CRON-ECRM Introduces New Platesetter Family to North American Market

TEWKSBURY, MA—February 26, 2015—CRON-ECRM LLC, a newly formed joint venture of China’s Hangzhou CRON Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd, and ECRM Imaging Systems, has announced the availability in North America of the partnership’s new platesetter family. CRON-ECRM systems offer the marketplace unmatched versatility, while maintaining pinnacle-quality production (up to 400 lpi with 1,200 to 3,600 dpi resolution). Each system enables purchasers to tailor the speed, automation features, and imaging head preference (UV or thermal) to their specific productivity requirements (up to 96 diodes). The new CRON-ECRM platesetters are available immediately through CRON-ECRM and their North American dealer network.

CTP for the Choosing

In addition to choices of imaging heads (UV or thermal), CRON-ECRM also enables users to select productivity requirements by modifying the number of imaging diodes. Beginning with 16 diodes (in five different diode configurations), users can choose up to 96 diodes. The more diodes, the faster the system images plates. Furthermore, by utilizing individual fiber coupled diodes, users are ensured of redundancy and will not face lost production in the event of a laser failure.

Users can also select their level of automation. These new platesetters can be configured for manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic operation (single or multiple cassette), as well as online with an optional in-line punching system. CRON-ECRM offers an in-field upgrade path for your level of automation preferences. 

Source: CRON-ECRM.

Innovation Takes Center Stage at Xeikon Packaging Café

By Noel Ward

More SKUs, shorter runs, faster turnarounds, inventory reduction, and just-in-time delivery are reshaping the package printing marketplace. Conventional presses are up to some of the challenges, but digital presses are carving out territory and filling the needs of forward-thinking package printers and converters.

But addressing these needs is not just a matter of installing a new digital press. How can a converter make sense of all the technology required and make an informed decision?

Answering that question, Xeikon, one of the world leaders in digital package and label printing, together with its Aura partners, is hosting the Xeikon Café for Packaging Innovations at its headquarters in Lier, Belgium from March 10 to 12. Over three days, visitors will see and hear first-hand updates on the latest trends and innovations in digital label production and have the opportunity to share insights and success stories with industry peers.

More importantly, this event is not a product pitch. I attended last year and it was one of the most informative conferences I can remember. The sessions used the real world experiences of printers and converters to show the value of the technology in business environments. This year, Xeikon and its Aura partners will again relate customer success stories and provide demonstrations of the technologies that make digital package printing a compelling option for meeting the demands of a changing marketplace.

“As a recognized specialist in self-adhesive label printing, Xeikon has built up a network of partners that are leading suppliers in their field,” says Filip Weymans, Xeikon’s director of segment marketing for labels and packaging. “The tremendous range of expertise these companies provide help converters explore the full potential of digital label production, and show solutions that make a difference.”

Integrated SA label production and more

Several self-adhesive applications will be produced using the Xeikon Self-Adhesive Label Suite, an integrated solution for printing and converting high quality labels. The system uses a Xeikon digital press in conjunction with supporting software, print media, consumables and finishing equipment from Xeikon’s Aura partners. In addition to the self-adhesive label applications, visitors can also learn about dedicated solutions for folding carton, heat transfer and in-mold labels.

At least eight different applications will be featured, showing how digital presses can meet market requirements while maintaining profitability. Applications will include variable data printing for personalized communication or driving logistical processes. The challenge for each of these is that quantity and design can vary daily, making the consistent high quality of full color digital printing the optimal solution.

The Xeikon Café for Packaging Innovations provides the opportunity to understand, evaluate and experience digital production, enabling printers and converters to make informed business decisions. Through demonstrations, presentations, workshops and discussions, participants receive first-hand actionable information and advice on industry innovations and trends. For a review of the 2014 Café, be sure to watch the video on YouTube.

For more information, visit

Participating partners include:

Software: Advance Track & Trace, CERM, CHILI Publish, Esko, Hybrid Software, Label Traxx, OneVision Software, Fourpees

Equipment: AB Graphic International, Bograma, Esko, Grafisk Maskinfabrik A/S, Highcon, Kurz, MBO, Meech International, MOSS, Rietstack, Schobertechnologies, Seilaser, SMAG Graphique, Tronics, Zünd

Consumables: ACTEGA Terra, Kurz, Michelman, Rotometrics

Print media: Avery, Metsäboard, Stora Enso, Taghleef, Treofan Group, UPM Raflatac

Label Traxx Launches Digital Prepress Tool at DSCOOP

MILWAUKEE—February 27,2015—Label Traxx MIS will be introducing several key features for digital label printers at DSCOOP X in Washington, DC from March 5-7. One of the most exciting new developments is an enhancement to the integration between Label Traxx and the prepress software Automation Engine, by EskoArtwork.

Label Traxx will now be able to pass “lead-in” and “lead-out” specifications to Automation Engine and these can be automatically printed at the beginning and end of a job. The product and job details and your company logo can be added to the technical color for the die line. The die line technical color/separation will then print on the lead-in and lead-out frames for the job. Label Traxx will also specify the number of lead-in and out frames required for that product.

The lead-in and lead-out frames are used to register the labels on the finishing equipment. Enabling Label Traxx and Automation Engine to automatically generate the lead-in/out frames saves a significant amount of time in prepress. Just printing the die-line can also result in ink cost savings as the full artwork is not printed more than required. The number of frames will also be communicated directly, eliminating the risk of mistakes due to manual data entry.

The latest release of Label Traxx also includes the new model of click charges for the HP 20000, enabling you to estimate jobs on the press accurately and consistently. There is also a new feature which enables you to store associated documentation within different records in Label Traxx. For example, you might want to file a PDF of a customer's purchase order with the associated ticket in Label Traxx for future reference. The documentation is stored on the Label Traxx server, but is not stored within the database.