Interview with JoAnn Hines, The Packaging Diva

Packaging Diva on Pinterest

JoAnn is a syndicated packaging writer who is arguably the most prolific “packaging person” on social media. I have been following her for years and thought it extremely appropriate to have her featured on the Digital4Packging Blog. Following are the highlights from an interview with “The Packaging Diva”.

Karstedt Partners: JoAnn, tell me a bit about your business, who are your clients and what do you offer them?

JoAnn Hines: Much of my work now is with clients who have new products, or product lines they are looking to bring to the consumer and they need guidance in a lot of areas. I help clients with everything from graphic design, as it relates to color choices, and creating a branding message that will resonate with consumers, to packaging substrate choices. I even help them source suppliers.

I focus mostly on branding and marketing needs; if my client needs technical assistance I would pass them on to someone else.

Karstedt Partners: Can you give me an example?

JoAnn Hines: A good example is how I helped The Weather Cannel. They were taking a lot of different products from different suppliers, such as umbrellas and NORAD Radios, and putting them into a single product line. I helped them to make the entire line look as though it came from one source, The Weather Channel.

I also had an interesting project where I helped a client based in the UK to get his product patented. It was one of the most innovative new packaging ideas I have seen and I helped get doors open for him. That was a very rewarding project.

Karstedt Partners: What are some of the packaging trends you see that will be shaping packaging over the next few years?

JoAnn Hines: Well, sustainability is not really a trend anymore, it is mainstream and every company must have a position on how they are addressing sustainability in their businesses. Part of the reason sustainability is so important is because consumers are so aware of it and place such a high level of importance on it, AND because the consumer is now so “connected” and vocal. Social media gives consumer a platform they never had before and brands are forced to listen to them. Rants on social media can be devastating to a brands future, just as “positive buzz” can help brands.

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