Introducing The Digital Packaging Spotlight Series!

As you know, Karstedt Partners dedicates much of its time to keeping its finger on the pulse of the digital package printing industry and often interviews leading industry experts on a range of topics that are important to packaging brand owners, vendors, and suppliers – but what else can we do with all this data??

We’re pleased to announce that we will be rolling out an ongoing series of quick polls and surveys based on packaging’s hottest topics and give everyone a chance to chime in!

Introducing, ‘Karstedt’s Digital Packaging Spotlight‘ Series!

In addition to blog posts and articles, which you will find here, we will also be rolling these topics out on our media partner and industry sites soon. We will be sending out special eBlasts to our community as the new data points and polls become available. You won’t want to miss them so be sure to sign up for our newsletter here.

The first survey in the Spotlight series addresses the issues of the costs of digital printing for packaging and whether or not brand owners even care. The results we have so far may surprise you, and if you are a brand owner we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Participating is easy, just click the question below and your feedback will be included in our next Spotlight report.

What’s your perception about the cost of digitally printed packaging?

Don’t forget, if you want the latest information on the “Digital Print for Brand Owners Report”, you can request a copy of the Executive Summary here.

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