Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts is the Senior Production Editor of the Printing & Packaging Group.

How Packaging Can Address Consumers' Sustainability Concerns

Consumers' growing sustainability concerns are having a significant impact on how brands are packaging their products. At Luxe Pack New York, a panel discussion focused on these concerns and discussed sustainable packaging strategies for brands and package printers and converters.

What Do Social Media Influencers Look for in Packaging?

As more people turn to social media to gather information, "social media influencers" will play an important role in steering buying decisions. At Luxe Pack New York, a panel of fashion and beauty bloggers and brand ambassadors discussed their personal packaging preferences.

Tips for an Efficient Flexographic Workflow

To build a successful workflow, hardware and software components should work together to ensure efficiency throughout the flexographic production process.

Study the ‘Game Tape’ to Improve Productivity and Consistency

Package printing businesses and sports teams may have more in common than you think. Check out this webinar from packagePRINTING, and sponsored by PCMC, to learn how studying film of your processes and implementing more practice time can improve your productivity and consistency.

Paper Specs Sample Highlights Capabilities of Highcon Euclid III (Video)

Paper Specs, a resource for printing and packaging designers, sent us a VIP Sample box that was filled with unique and interesting samples. However, there was one that stood out in particular — a series of diecut calendars finished using a Highcon Euclid III. Check out this video for a closer look at these digital diecutting capabilities, which can create amazing designs in a variety of printing and packaging applications.

PRINT United Focus Group: Printing Industry Realizes Alignment, Growth

In October 2019, PRINT United will break down the obstructive silos that have been established and will align all segments of printing technology under one roof with the goal of providing significantly increased ROI for exhibitors and attendees. This three-day event will take place in Dallas.

Powering Perception with Packaging Embellishments

One of the most important tasks a brand has is to maintain a positive perception among consumers. Package printers and converters can play an important role by providing the right packaging embellishments.

Q&A with CEO of Cannabis Packaging Supplier on Impact of Regulations

With California recently joining the list of states that have legalized recreational use of cannabis, regulations on cannabis packaging have presented opportunities and challenges for the industry. Nick Kovacevich, CEO of cannabis packaging supplier Kush Bottles, shared some of his thoughts on how these regulations could impact packaging companies.

Animated Characters Aim to Connect Consumers with Paper & Packaging

As part of the Paper & Packaging Board's campaign "Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds," two new animated characters have been revealed. The characters will be featured in print and television advertisements, as well as digital advertisements on various platforms.

Nintendo Uses Corrugated to Bring Video Games to Life

The Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 as a handheld gaming system, and has been popular ever since. Now, Nintendo is encouraging fans of all ages to use a little engineering to build interactive creations out of corrugated board that when paired with the gaming system, will bring the video games to life.